Spring Registration - Closed

Spring registration is closed.


Please note some important upcoming dates for TLL

Date Time What Location
2/8 Morning Serra Baseball Clinic Serra High School
2/9 8am Fields Prep day for all fields Deportola
2/10-2/15 TBA Teem meetings (Manager/parent) Deportola & Rec-Center
2/15 TBA Field, snack-bar and volunteer training De Portola Baseball Fields
2/17 TBA First day of practices (practice days vary by team) Deportola & Rec-Center
2/29 2-4p Opening Day Rec-center
2/29 4=5p Junior and Adult HR Derby Rec-Center
3/1 1-4p Team Photos Rec-Center
5/16 TBA Patriots Day Parade & Last day of games
If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.