2020 Spring Assessments Information


If your child is playing in FARM, Minors or Majors this coming season, they are required to participate in player assessments this Sunday at the De Portola baseball fields (detailed schedule, including age brackets are shown below).

  • Evaluating each player allows our league to form properly balanced teams.
  • Players will be evaluated based on fundamentals such as fielding, hitting and base running.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes before their scheduled assessment in order to check in and receive their assessment number.
  • Players should bring their own bag/gear including baseball hat, helmet, glove and bat.
  • Assessments are mandatory for all players and every effort must be made to attend.
  • Any anticipated absences from assessments must be communicated to help@tierrasantalittleleague.org - in advance.


  • We know kids are always excited to show off their swinging/hitting skills, but safety is our priority! BATS MUST REMAIN IN YOUR CHILD'S BAG UNTIL A MANAGER/VOLUNTEER ADVISES OTHERWISE. Once a player is done assessing, bats must be placed bag in player's bag until off premises.
  • We will have a volunteer in the dugout for everyone's safety.
  • Only managers, assistant coaches and player agents will be allowed on the field during assessments. Observing parents must remain off the field/outside of the dugout.
  • Please do not "Coach" your child while they are assessing. This is not only counter-productive but a possible safety hazard if there are too many people talking at once and the players confuse instructions.


Parents will be given league-required forms to complete during FARM/Majors/Minors assessments this Sunday. As such, please bring along your child(ren)'s medical insurance information (to assist in form completion, not to turn in). If you need to provide proof-of-residency documents, please bring.

If you are part of Tee-Ball, Coach Pitch or Juniors and are not assessing, those forms will be provided by your manager once teams are formed.

ASSESSMENTS SCHEDULE: Sunday, January 26th at De Portola Baseball Fields

FARM (League Ages 7-8 - Birth date of 09/01/2011-08/31/13)

A-G (by last name) - 9am-10am (8:30 am check-in)

H-M (by last name) - 10am-11am (9:30 am check-in)

N-Z (by last name) - 11am-12pm (10:30 am check-in)

MINORS (League Ages 9-10 - Birth date of 09/01/09-08/31/11)

A-M (by last name) - 12pm-1pm (11:30 am check-in)

N-Z (by last name) - 1pm-2pm (12:30 pm check-in)

MAJORS (League Ages 11-12 - Birth date of 09/01/07-08/31/09)

ALL 2pm-3-pm (1:30 pm check-in)

TEAM FORMATIONS (all teams):

You will hear from your child's manager starting the week of 2/10. If you have not received an email by Sunday, 2/16, please email help@tierrasantalittleleague.org.